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Who are we?

Partners for Education (PforE) is a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing illiteracy, poverty, and unemployment among youth. We promote and inspire youth education and equip youth with the necessary skills for success and provide you with access to countless opportunities.

As a youth-led organization, we are committed to preparing youths for the future; we believe that by educating and empowering youths, we will be able to build a better and more sustainable tomorrow.

We envision an economy where youth are at the core, where young people have access to quality education, employment, and unlimited opportunities, the leaders in job creation, the driving force behind social impact and community development.


Our Story

In 2016, PforE began as a single project, “Workshop for Effective English Teaching and Speaking - WEETAS” which was designed to provide literacy supports to primary and secondary school students to enhance their reading and speaking skills. As the project continues to grow, other projects such as the Restoring the Education Hope, The Spoken word essay, and speech competition, and the Youth TalkX became to be formed and implemented. In 2020, the WEETAS Project was renamed to Partners for Education- Liberia, and WEETAS became a program run by the Partners for Education- Liberia, Inc.

After several years of running pilot projects, our team became convinced that the results generated show a great need for intervention; therefore, the Partners for Education - Liberia, Inc. became a registered nonprofit in January 2021.

 Our programs and other projects have taken place in Montserrado, Bomi, and Gbarpolu counties and as well as at the American Corner in Monrovia in 2018. Our works have been supported and funded by voluntary donations, support partnerships with the K-L YES ALumni corps of Liberia, the YMCA Youth Power Space, the American Corner Monrovia, K-L YES Alumni Grant, and the WYLET grants implemented by American Councils for International Education. 



Our vision

We envision a society where youth are at the heart of the economy, where they have access to high-quality education, employment, and unlimited opportunities, where they are the driving force behind job creation, social impact, and community development. 

Our Mission

To prepare and empower youth to turn challenges into opportunities.


  • To provide professional development training to 50,000 youth by 2050

  • To create and empower 100,000 young entrepreneurs by 2050

  • To connect 1 million youth to employment and growth opportunities by 2050.


  • Economic growth

  • Gender equality 

  • Quality education

  • Youth and community development

  • Entrepreneurial development 

  • Adaptability

  • Growth mindset



US$ 37000+

Amount invested into our programs


Number of Projects implemented

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