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The Entrepreneurs Academy

Building a Community of 100 thousand Entrepreneurs

The Entrepreneurs Academy

We are excieted to announce that registration to the innugural class of the Entrepreneurs Academy is now being accepted. 

The 2022 EA is a project designed to build the business skills of young aspiring entrepreneurs, aged 17-30yrs including women. It offers a practical model that allows participants to learn by doing. The program works with participants to identify business opportunities, turn those opportunities into innovative business ideas. The program does so by teaching participants how to write effective business plans, improving their entrepreneurial skills, providing them with effective customer relations and business management skills.

The program does not only provide entrepreneurs with effective business skills, but it also provides entrepreneurs access to mentorship/network of coaches to help. This will be one of the first programs in Liberia that truly promotes economic growth by actually releasing innovative small businesses into the economy. Because if developed and supported, small businesses can serve as the vehicle for carrying jobs, income, and development throughout the country.

Who are eligible:

  1.  High school Graduates to Recent University graduate

  2. Between the ages 17-30yrs

  3. Living in Montserrado

  4. Aspiring entrepreneurs

Cost of program: Free

Requirement: Selected participants must be willing to attend training session 3days a week and must be proactive in project group.

Benefits of the program:

  1.  Participate will graduate with established startups

  2. Participants will know how to successful create and scale businesses

  3. Participants will become their own bosses and create jobs for others

  4. Participants will be linked to global investors

  5. Participants will be able to turn problems into opportunities

  6. Participants will recieve a certificates of completion 

  7. ETC

How to apply: 

Interest individuals can apply to the program by clicking here HERE.


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