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The Global Entrepreneurs Network

Meet and network with entrepreneurs

The Global Entrepreneurs Network

The Partners for Education together with the Go Global World is offering a free English speaking community for entrepreneurs to connect globally to get them closer to global capital, customers, and like-minded people. 

To become GGW Member you need to do three simple steps: 

1. Sign up on our website (see top right corner) and wait for our review and approval. 

2. Once approved add a picture to your profile and make it public.

 3. Sign up for our Newsletter and key social media and global chats (see it all below) Once on our chats, please introduce yourself and your company (no ads!), tell the community what kind of help you are looking for your business to Go Global and how you can help the community and its members? 

Remember: Reputation is the key here! No ads, spam, or scam, respect each other, deliver on what you promise or don't promise, be ready to proactively help other members, and actively participate in our Global Chats and Events. Also, you will help us a lot by spreading the word among entrepreneurs on your network. Like and Share our content and videos. Welcome on a great journey with GGW! 

Click here to join the Liberian Startup Ecosystem here 

Click here to j oin the Global Network  

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