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Job Readiness Training program

Coming Soon! Our incoming job readiness program will prepared youth for employment.

Our job readiness program is designed to reduce youth unemployment by training high school graduates - recent university graduates basics working skills. This program is a one-week intensive learning experience that prepares participants for life out of the classrooms. The programs provide opportunities for participants to self-examine themselves and identify their passion, interest, and vision. After completing the program, participants built the following skills, effective communication, interpersonal skills, basic financial Literacy. They become knowledgeable on employers’ expectations, workspace relationships. They leave with furnished resumes and are able to write effective cover letters and have meaningful interviews. In order to succeed in this program, we expect participants to have growth mindsets and a willingness to challenge themselves to learn new things. The program provides training in six (6) main areas: 

1. Exploring My Story, Creating My Path (Self-exploration) 

2. Career Readiness Skills 

3. Preparing to Enter the World of Work 

4. Soft Skills to Get and Keep a Job (Communication and Interpersonal Skills) 

5. Financial Foundations for Success(Basic Financial Literacy) 

6. Job Search and Retention 

Each training day begins with a cohort pre-session and ends with a networking session. These are to give participants the time to work on their personal and interpersonal growth. Networking sessions will help participants build bonds with one another to continue working together after the training program. Each training session is conducted in an interactive setting to give participants the opportunity to grow and improve their communication skills. 

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