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Professional Development Training program

Professional Development Training program is a program designed to prepare youth for the job market.

Getting your dream job is a wonderful feeling, but the question is, are you able to present yourself to your potential employer? Can your resume and cover letter convince employers to invite you for an interview? Today many young ones get frustrated when they don't hear back from a company they dream to work for. The reality is if your resume and cover are not able to convince potential employers, you will most likely not hear from them. If it is your ambition to get the job you desire, PforE is the right place. 

Our Professional Development Program (PDP) is designed to help you easily land a job by training you to be able to write convincing cover letters and resumes, one that will speak for you in your absence. During this week-long of professional development, you will gain skills such as writing successful resumes and cover letters and attaining successful interviews. 

PDP is offered both online and Person, whether you prefer in-person or online training, we can assure you that you will gain the skills your need to succeed. To enroll, fill in the PDP enrollment form which is free of charge. 

 Below are courses you are expected to take in order to complete the program. 

  1. Resume writing 

  2. Letter Writing 

  3. Personal Branding

  4. Attending interviews

For information, please contact us at

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