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Course Overview

The Introduction to Digital Marketing course exposes students to how to harness the power of digital marketing within the marketing strategy for their organizations and businesses. Participants will be able to define the main distinctions between traditional and digital marketing after understanding the fundamentals of digital marketing.
Participants in this course will begin the process of putting successful digital marketing campaigns into practice.

Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, digital display advertising, email marketing, social media marketing, mobile marketing, and Google Analytics are among the topics covered in the course.
Participants will learn how to develop a comprehensive, practical digital marketing approach through these different specialties. Additionally, they will be able to manage and assess their digital marketing initiatives and financial spending through ongoing analysis and measurement.

Course modules

  1. Key Concepts of Digital Marketing

  2. The Opportunity for Digital Marketing

  3. Characteristics of Digital Marketing

  4. Implications of Digital Marketing

  5. Laws and Guidelines Basics

  6. Search Engine Marketing Basics

  7. Search Engine Optimization Overview

  8. Pay Per Click Advertising Overview

  9. Display Advertising Overview

  10. Email Marketing Overview

  11. Mobile Marketing Overview

  12. Social Media Overview

  13. Analytics Overview

  14. Strategy and Planning Overview

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