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ClimateScience Olympiad 2022

ClimateScience Olympiad 2022

ClimateScience Olympiad



About the Opportunity

The student competition to find solutions to climate change.

The qualifier round is a 25-minute online quiz. You can do this online right now, later, or as a student at your school. It works on your computer or smartphone.

From February, schools can register their qualifier events to allow all students to participate in sync. Upon verification, schools can also get printable versions of the sheets and conduct exams in paper form.

Each person can participate up to 3 times plus 1 per person they refer.

All participants will receive a certificate, and top participants a special honour.

There is a prize pool of USD 15,000 provided by ClimateScience. The first place will be awarded USD 5,000, the second place USD 3,000, the third place USD 2,000. Places 4-6 will be awarded USD 1,000 each and places 7-10 will be awarded USD 500 each.

In addition to the prize money, the top 3 teams may get a chance to present their solutions at the United Nations Climate Summit 2022 in Cairo, Egypt. We were able to arrange this opportunity for the 2021 Olympiad and are confident that we will be able to arrange this opportunity again in 2022, but will only be able to confirm this closer to the date when the conference organisers have finalised their schedules. Hence, this remains unguaranteed until we announce otherwise.Travel costs are not covered. Digital participation is possible and will be treated equally to in-person participation as far as feasible, including speaking time and opportunities.

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