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Young innovator program

Young innovator program

Your Big Year



About the Opportunity

Your Big Year is about making an impact in your life and in your world. It’s about that moment in your life that inspires where you go today. And what’s more, if you feel like you don’t have that moment in your life as a catalyst just yet -- YBY can co-create that with you, and help you develop the skills and equip you with the tools to seize every opportunity that comes your way. We’re here to help you make today truly your big day, this month your big month, and this year your big year.

Want to work on a research and design project for Microsoft? Or lead a presentation at a conference for Institute for the Future? How about participating in an interactive research study for Mars? or join a training led by Deloitte Center for the Edge? Or perhaps you want to co-design solutions with a global group of your peers for Google?

In partnership with it's parent company, International Connector, YBY Young Innovators’ network has worked with all of these organizations and many, many more.

"Our projects are virtual, flexible on timing, involve a global group of your peers and provide immersive learning opportunities to gain skills in remote working, critical thinking, and cultural collaboration. Not much down side is there?"

The first step is to apply for the Your Big Year Make An Impact Course. We’re always on the lookout to recruit fresh new talent from our course cohorts, especially seeking individuals who are present, involved, and committed to the work we do.

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