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Advocacy Coordinator



SOS Children’s Villages International

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About the Company

SOS Children’s Villages International is a global organization established in 1949 that works to  meet the needs and protect the interests and rights of orphaned and vulnerable children. SOS  Children’s Villages International works through member associations in 136 countries and  territories worldwide.
SOS Children’s Villages Liberia has been active in the field of children’s rights and committed to  children’s needs and concerns in Liberia since 1981. We focus our work on children without  parental care and children at risk of losing parental care and their communities. The organization  has a wide range of programmes in Monrovia and Buchanan, which include children’s villages, a  youth facility, kindergartens and schools, a medical center and family strengthening programmes
We are looking for an Advocacy Coordinator for SOS Children’s Villages Liberia.

About the Role


Position/Job Title: Advocacy Coordinator

Location: National Office/ Monrovia

Job Family Level: N/A

Title of Immediate Supervisor: Program & Development Manager

Effective Start Date: April 1, 2022

Job brief/Position Summary

This role will work on SOS Liberia’s cross-organizational advocacy priorities and in collaboration with  staff, to strategically co-ordinate, and in some cases be the focal point, in relations with national  institutions, other inter-governmental groupings and national organizations to achieve change. The UN, SOS Children’s Villages International and other international institutions play a critical role in  setting the global agenda, influencing national policy, and in supporting child protection and child  safeguarding projects globally and nationally.


  • Assist and lead on parts of the development of, implementation and evaluation of SOS Liberia’s  advocacy strategy, in order to influence national development policy and practices.

  • Deliver SOS Liberia’s advocacy on priority issues towards national bodies and institutions, by  developing, implementing and monitoring work-plans based on these strategies, and adjusting  and redesigning campaigns as necessary, and in collaboration with advocacy working groups.

  • Maintain on-going knowledge and analysis of the policy and practice of selected key targets such  as UN agencies, committees and other multilateral and international bodies, to inform the  delivery of campaigns and SOS Liberia’s national advocacy work.

  • Working with other relevant colleagues (e.g. education, youth empowerment, child  protection/safeguarding, health), co-ordinate relationships with relevant lobby targets and be  responsible for others.

  • Support and advice colleagues in the delivery of advocacy activities which are to be conducted at  a national level.

  • Responsibility for coordinating effective documentation of campaigning projects, including by  gathering stories and communicating these (through video, audio, print) for print and digital  publication, internally and externally.

  • Maintain regular communication and initiate partnerships with national civil society allies and  networks working on national campaigning in order to share information and collaborate over  opportunities, developing joint strategies, campaigns and action.

  • Coordinate regular communication (including responsibility for meetings, webinars and  presentations) and initiate partnerships with other departments, country programmes and other  SOS MAs in order to share information and collaborate over opportunities, developing joint  strategies, campaigns and action.

  • Organize and coordinate SOS Liberia’s presence at national and international conferences and  events.

  • Maintain on-going knowledge, understanding and analysis of digital and social campaigning  techniques from the private and not-for-profit sectors in order to inform delivery of SOS Liberia’s  digital advocacy work.

  • Undertake any other responsibilities, tasks or activities as required by supervisor and National  Director.


  • BSc degree in Sociology or related course.

  • 3-5 years’ experience working in the field of advocating.

  • Extensive campaigns experience, demonstrated by examples of strategic impact on policy change  and experience of using policy, research, lobbying, public campaigning, media and digital work  to influence a political agenda

  • Sound political judgment and sensitivity and proven experience of engaging with and influencing  decision makers in International development policy arena

  • Fluent understanding and extensive experience of the techniques and skills required for effective  project management.

  • Understanding and experience of employing imaginative communication techniques and an  appreciation of how those tools could work with policy, research and lobbying to influence a  political agenda

  • Experience of working in a large organization or alliance to work together to achieve change  • Demonstrable knowledge and experience in how public campaigning, media and digital work can  influence a political agenda Imaginative, creative and accurate written and verbal  communications skills in English, and experience of producing communications materials and  resources, particularly for digital platforms

  • Excellent analytical and critical thinking skills and proven experience of contributing to strategy  development, including monitoring and evaluation

  • Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to successfully manage complex and sensitive  organizational relationships to achieve cross-organizational, collectively agreed goals  • A university degree or equivalent work experience

  • Ability to travel extensively and work anti-social working hours

  • Commitment to SOS Liberia’s values and a working style that reflects these  • Extensive knowledge of international development policy, preferably as it relates to child  protection/safeguarding, health, education, youth empowerment.


  • The ADVOCACY COORDINATOR is assessed on a quarterly basis by the Partnership and  Influencing Manager to the overall work performance based on:

  • The effective coordination of orderliness, accuracy, completeness, up-to-datedness of Result  Base Management procedures.

  • The efficiency and level of accuracy of following required administration procedures.  • Attitude and efficiency in performance of additional assigned duties.

  • Leadership and staff /team management


  • The salary scale of the Logistics Coordinator may be increased according to: • Years of service, experience gained in SOS

  • Additional duties and responsibilities assumed.

  • Additional qualifications, experience gained relevant to the job, which significantly improves  work performance.

Employee’s PW and performance appraisal talks may influence the job description annually.

Child Protection & Child Safeguarding

  • Protect children from all forms of abuse, abandonment, exploitation, violence and  discrimination.

  • Report any CS suspicion, concern, allegation or incident immediately: IF IN DOUBT, SPEAK  OUT!

  • Act without delay: Failure to act may place the child in further danger.

  • Involve the right people at the right time: CS reports should be made to the CS team at  programme level and/or to the respective line manager.

To apply, submit online only a Curriculum Vitae and a letter of interest addressed  to the HROD Manager, to with the subject line:  ADVLib2022. Closing date for submission of applications is 14 March 2022Or apply through the system below.

Only successful candidates will be contacted.

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