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Monitoring & Evaluation/ Research Coordinator



SOS Children’s Villages International

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About the Company

SOS Children’s Villages International is a global organization established in 1949 that works to  meet the needs and protect the interests and rights of orphaned and vulnerable children. SOS  Children’s Villages International works through member associations in 136 countries and  territories worldwide.
SOS Children’s Villages Liberia has been active in the field of children’s rights and committed to  children’s need and concerns in Liberia since 1981. We focus our work on children without  parental care and children at risk of losing parental care and their communities. The organization  has a wide range of programmes in Monrovia and Buchanan, which include children’s villages, a  youth facility, kindergartens and schools, a medical center and family strengthening programmes.

About the Role

Position Title: M & E Coordinator

Project: SOS National Office

Salary Grade: N/A

Effective Date: April 1, 2022

Supervisor’s Title: Program Manager

Purpose/position summary

  • To coordinate & provide needed support to all program measures and effectiveness. • S/he is responsible to exhibit professional & ethical manner of handling all M&E related  matters with regards to RBM protocols.

  • Responsible for collecting checking, entering/documenting, recording and reconciling all  control measures monies.

Key Responsibilities / Tasks

Performance Data Management

  • Oversee program conformity with the Performance Management Plan (PMP) for SOS  Program

  • Design a computerized M&E database in which to organize baseline and subsequent  data sets gathered for SOS performance monitoring and evaluation.

  • Design practical tools and methodologies to assemble data required on a recurrent basis  to track program performance.

  • Manage performance data received from different program manager/M&E officer/focal  points on a pre-agreed frequency

  • Conducts periodic and systematic data collection and analysis of SOS results indicators,  and prepare reports on best practices and lessons learned.

  • Prepares reports on progress on results indicators and assists the Program Director in  the preparation of reports for sponsors, donor/clients, as needed.

  • Do regular data spot checks of the performance data to ensure that the data quality  standards are met.

  • Under the direction of the Program Manager/Regional M&E Advisor, facilitate the  setting up of M&E core unit,

  • Assist in the revision of the PMP as necessary to correspond to new program directions  or emphases.

  • Under the direction of the regional M&E Advisor, coordinates activities as appropriate  with the SOS programs.

  • Assists with program evaluations, as appropriate.

Position Demands

A highly experienced and competent project accountant with excellent mathematical accounting  and book keeping, typing skills.

  • University degree or equivalent in related field.

  • Knowledge of database management system.

  • Fluent in English (speaking and writing).

  • Good knowledge of MS office package.

  • Good communication skills and result oriented.

  • Computer literacy in order to use Navision software & excellent organizational and  communicative skills.

  • Honesty integrity trustworthiness and ability to treat all information in the outmost confidence. • A strong & firm approach dealing with difficult personnel e.g. staff and key stakeholders.

M&E Staff Training and “Field Monitoring”

  • In close coordination with the M&E Advisor, he/she shall help design and implement  monitoring tool to enable SOS/M&E personnel to oversee program

  • As per need, travel to SOS program intervention provinces to assist in data collection  and implementation of M&E procedures and mechanism

  • As required, directly monitor and oversee the SOS projects and provide updates to the  Country Director/ M&E Advisor.

Support to Surveys

  • In close coordination with the M&E core unit, he will help draft survey  tools/questionnaires as per requirement of the program

  • He/she works in close collaboration with the Country Director and/ or HROD, to train staff or surveyors/enumerators in the pre-designed survey tools

  • Supervise the survey field work through the help of M&E officer/other staff – focal  point for each survey – on county level.

  • In close coordination with the SOS M&E core unit, and program director, do any other  task assigned when requested.

Working Relationship

The M&E Coordinator will be supervised by the Program Manager of SOS in  consultation with the IOR/M&E Advisor.

  • Is directly responsible to report to the Program Director.

  • Liaises with the Project /function Heads in all project /program matters. • S/He ensures working collaboration with relevant team management staff at all times. • Must maintain a good working relationship with staff, parents / guardians.

Principal Responsibilities

  • The Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator will act as the technical focal point for  all SOS programs/Projects aspects of monitoring and evaluation (quality control  measures).

  • The M&E Coordinator will be responsible for developing M&E plan and establishing tools for implementing an effective system to monitor progress, impacts and  successes of programs/project activities and performance at all levels.

  • The M&E Coordinator will also monitor all fund-raising activities, in the form of  cash or donations and ensures that the programs/ project complies with

donor/sponsors performance reporting requirements.

  • He/she will conduct and / or coordinate assessments, in baseline studies, surveys and  need assessments to identify necessary changes and future opportunities.

  • The M&E Coordinator is responsible for project level activities in relation to  monitoring of programs/project activities, data management, learning and knowledge  management.

  • He/she will Work closely with project teams, supports project monitoring and  evaluation by providing and managing consortium databases and undertaking some  project data management responsibilities including data collection, collation and  analysis.

  • He/she Responsible to provide technical support on design of thematic survey forms,  data processing tools, management of data entry and validation, management and  tracking project data using quantitative and qualitative data analysis basics.

  • And; to Monitor & supervise /recommend relevant actions for quality program /  financial management and accountability

  • To request pro forma invoices and present them to the Program Director and  the Chief Accountant for recommendation for onward evaluation and control  measures.

  • To prepare all necessary adjustments required by using the Extra Journal and  submit them to the Chief Accountant for approval.

  • To post into Navision Software all transactions booked in the registers &  Extra Journal by using the correct account code monthly.

  • To keep and regularly update of the Inventory Register and computerize the  fixed assets in SOS Fixed Asset Software.


The National Director will assess the performance of the M&E coordinator quarterly.  The factors that will be considered are:

  • The completeness, accuracy, relevance and the implication on program & services  effectiveness & impact

  • The quality, accuracy and promptness of the submission of the required reporting  and

  • The general atmosphere and efficiency with which the accounts office is runs • The accuracy and quality of M&E evaluations & analysis submitted budget and  the efficiency and control of the income & expenditures

  • Professionalism in dealing with staff, partners & student’s parents / guardians and  other stakeholders


The salary of the Program Finance Coordinator may be increased according to: • Years of service / experience gained in the SOS Projects

  • Additional duties and responsibilities assumed

  • Additional qualifications / experience gained relevant to their job, which  significantly improves work performance.

  • Grading & Compensation Framework

Child Protection & Child Safeguarding

  • Protect children from all forms of abuse, abandonment, exploitation, violence and  discrimination.

  • Report any CS suspicion, concern, allegation or incident immediately: IF IN DOUBT,  SPEAK OUT!

  • Act without delay: Failure to act may place the child in further danger.  • Involve the right people at the right time: CS reports should be made to the CS team at  programme level and/or to the respective line manager.

To apply, submit online only a Curriculum Vitae and a letter of interest addressed  to the HROD Manager, to with the subject line:  M&ELib2022. Closing date for submission of applications is 14 March 2022.

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