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Advanced Human Rights Course: Indigenous Peoples' Rights (Africa)

Donor: Centre for Human Rights

Oct 17, 2022

The Centre for Human Rights, University of Pretoria, in collaboration with the International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs (IWGIA) and the Working Group on Indigenous Populations/Communities has announced the applications for the Advanced Human Rights Course: Indigenous Peoples' Rights.


The objectives of this one-week course include:

  • to strengthen knowledge and capacity-building on indigenous peoples’ rights;

  • to ensure a better understanding of indigenous peoples’ plight and rights among members of ‘mainstream NGOs’ and government officials;

  • to stimulate the introduction of indigenous peoples’ rights into the curriculum of law schools on the African continent;

  • In the process, the concept of indigenous people will also be critically examined.

Course content
  • Conceptual issues regarding indigenous peoples in Africa.

  • International (universal and regional) and national standards on indigenous peoples’ rights in Africa.

  • Key substantive rights of indigenous peoples and their applicability in Africa.

  • UN mechanisms of indigenous peoples’ rights.

  • Regional mechanisms and indigenous peoples’ rights.

  • Bilateral, multilateral cooperation, international financial institutions and business sector with indigenous peoples.

  • Indigenous peoples’ challenges with development.

  • International processes and agendas relevant to indigenous peoples in Africa.

  • This advanced human rights course is aimed at members of NGOs, government officials, policymakers, legal academics, activists, researchers and students who are interested in the rights of indigenous peoples on the continent.

  • Applications are invited from all around the world. The course will, however, have a particular African focus. Candidates from Africa are therefore particularly encouraged to apply. Members of indigenous communities are also encouraged to apply.

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