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Young Aspiring Tech Entrepreneur Training Program in Africa

Donor: MEST

Apr 19, 2022

Applications are now open for MEST Africa’s 12-month Training Program, Class of 2023.

They are inviting every young aspiring tech entrepreneur in Africa, to apply for their 12-month technology and entrepreneurship Training Program. With their Class of 2022 in full session, they are thrilled to get back in the groove of recruitment and officially open up applications for the Class of 2023.

Successful applicants will gain access to world-class education in software development, business and communication skills from MEST’s campus in Accra, Ghana. Training is done along with mentorship and networking sessions with leading industry experts and business executives from all over the world. At the end of the year-long program, all the Entrepreneurs-in-training form startups with co-founders within their cohort and pitch their business idea for up to $100,000 in seed funding, business incubation, and a lifetime of support from MEST Africa’s global community of experts and founders.

Their goal at MEST is to create wealth and jobs across the continent. Their recruitment process, therefore, seeks to identify only the most ambitious and ethical people with a strong desire to build a scalable software company in Africa.

Every year they receive more than 4000 applications from across the continent. After a long and rigorous recruitment process, only the top 60 most talented applicants are invited to be a part of their training program. They’ve trained over 800 tech entrepreneurs and experts and invested in over 80 startups. They’ve produced some of the finest startups transforming sectors and scaling across the continent such as meQasa, Complete Farmer, Kudobuzz and CodeLn among others.

What to expect in the Program?
  • The Training program provides rigorous entrepreneurial training and extensive hands-on project work, designed to ensure EITs master industry-proven methodologies for developing world-class tech businesses.

  • Industry Experts: Faculty members bring years of entrepreneurial and industry experience.

  • Hands-on Projects: EITs build, validate & pitch business ideas in a fail-safe environment.

  • Full Support: All EITs receive a full scholarship to attend the 1-year training.

  • Guest Lectures: Supplementary lectures by experienced business executives.

Applications Process
  • Complete Pre-learning courses

  • Take an aptitude test

  • Fill and submit the MEST Training Program application form

  • Interviews

  • Offer

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