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Microsoft GrowthX Accelerator Program

Sponsor: Microsoft

The Microsoft GrowthX Accelerator Program is now open to connect startups with the best of Microsoft and help them scale. Entrepreneurs build cool startups, they help accelerate them. Microsoft's corporate customers are constantly on the hunt for new innovative solutions to give their businesses an edge.

Microsoft supports tech startups that want to sell their innovative solutions to these customers, via a series of workshops to speed up their sales cycle.

Throughout the 3 month program, this workshop series allows the founders to build close relationships with key decision-makers and to adapt their tech solutions to the customers' needs.


The virtual program supports qualifying startups across 4 pillars:

  • Tech Enablement: They connect founders with the tech they need to thrive. Access a package of perks, including a minimum of $25,000 of free Azure credits, GitHub Enterprise License, Microsoft 365 Licenses, and an extensive network of tech experts.

  • Market Access: The program connects tech startups with some of the biggest corporations, all of whom have specific problem statements they are looking to solve.

  • Co-creation: Work closely with some of Microsoft's largest corporate partners across the region to solve for specific challenges and co-create together for 12 weeks.

  • Investor Readiness: Understand how investor ready you are and get exposure to Microsoft's VC partner network.


GrowthX 12-week Accelerator program includes:

  • Matching startups with corporate partners

  • Virtual/physical workshops and training

  • Mentoring from domain experts

  • Technical support and guidance

  • VC access & demo days

  • Corporate round tables & demo days

  • Social & alumni events

  • Corporates/startup workshops to solve real life problems

  • Microsoft is looking to recruit 15 startups that offer ground-breaking solutions that fit the corporate clients' challenges and requirements.

  • Together, they will begin on the 12-week GrowthX Accelerator Program comprising tech workshops, knowledge sharing, community building and industry networking to help your startup grow.

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